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Cseallox Duo

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Genova Roberto

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Antonis Pratsinakis (1983) violoncello


The Amsterdam-based Cseallox duo consists of Roberto Genova (Italy) on saxophones and Antonis Pratsinakis (Greece) on cello. Genova and Pratsinakis first met in September 2008 and immediately shared a close musical connection. Since then they have collaborated with composers throughout Europe and given numerous performances that always remain intimate, emotional, lyrical and innovative.
Cseallox duo repertoire is dynamic: the combination of these instruments invites more and more composers to dedicate new composition for this duo. At the moment, fifteen compositions written by composers from
USA, Russia, Italy, Netherland, Greece, France, Germany and Spain have been performed in different concerts in Italy and in the Netherland.
Cseallox duo doesn’t have limits in ways of performing and is also collaborating with other forms of arts such as dance and visual art.
Recently a series of concerts with music written for Cseallox duo was successfully performed at the XV International saxophone festival of Fermo (IT), at the festival Les Goûts Réunis (NL) and at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (NL).


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Opere dedicategli

Fedrof Nistico Cinzia A Vc - 2008

Halber Mensch Nistico Cinzia B Vc - 2012

Zu Fläche Pierini Stefano B Vc - 2009

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